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Noel Weidner has studied the art of terra cotta facades. Meticulous design and craftsmanship, in addition to the much-appreciated beauty, has contributed to the longevity of these facades.


All buildings need interventions over time. Noel has become skilled in the art of piecing back together buildings whose architectural details are falling apart. His goal on each project is to help the investor return the best bang for his buck.

The restoration of a terra cotta facade has many players and countless details. Catching those details and communicating changes up the ladder is paramount for the project to be considered a success on all fronts. Noel understands that he is not just serving masonry restoration contractors, but also the architect and engineers involved, general contractors, investors and capital partners as well as the general public and those who will appreciate the building for years to come.

 Noel entered the field of Historic Preservation under the belief that the re-use of historically better-built buildings and the investment in improving their energy efficiency and use is one of the greenest practices there are. 

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